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Sterling Valley View
Kodaikanal - South India

Sterling Valley View , Kodaikanal, India

The last place you would expect to see a fantastic piece of architecture would be on the mystical hills of Kodai. Seven kms away from a village called Villupatti is located a splendid resort that offers a breathtaking view of the valley around. And when you see shapes like domes, leaves and ships here, you can be sure that it is not a result of hallucination, but a product of an architect’s fertile imagination.

That’s right. Every room at the Sterling Valley View Resort has a dome shaped structure. And while the hotel block is shaped like a ship, the compact block is shaped like a huge leaf and the block with the conference hall and the boardroom, shaped like a lotus.


To ensure that you unwind in unlimited space, the rooms have been designed across a sprawling piece of land spanning four and a half acres. The gradual slope of the area adds to the Victorian touch of the resort and makes it look more quaint.

Studio apartments : 34 studio apartments located in one block that is designed in the shape of a leaf, where one half offers a great view of the mountains while the other half overlooks the green lawns. So take your pick. And for that natural background for a leaf-like structure, what better than little rock gardens inside, in the ground floor?

One bedroom: There are 53 one bedroom apartments at Valley View, each with a dome shape structure, spread across the 7-acre plot, and offering you a choice between the mountains and the valleys. The rooms are located four to a block and some, two in a block, above the two-bedroom apartments.

Two bedroom : There are 25 two bedrooms, quite similar in structure to the one bedroom apartments and located across the resort property. The windows never fail to provide the frame to the perfect picture, be it that of the impressive valley or the imposing mountains around.

Guest rooms : There are 44 guest rooms in the resort, each offering a splendid view of the valley, with the front side facing the lush green lawns of the resort that has an area of over 11,000 sq. ft.


You can choose from a gamut of activities that the resort has to offer or can organize for you. The events department organizes treks to the waterfalls, the mountains or the valleys, depending on the booking done each morning.

You can also go boating at the lake, between 9 am and 5.30pm. Boats are available at the lake for hire without or without manned help. That gives you the perfect opportunity to unwind amid the placid waters.

Another favored activity for many is sight-seeing. Both half day and full day sight-seeing packages are available, so you can take your pick. Cars and mini-vans are available to visit these places.

Party Games are a big hit amongst the holdovers at Valley View and are organized every day. An element of fun creeps into the proceedings as various holidayers come together to have a whale of a time, with special events and interactive games being organized for them. If you wish, special nites can also be organized exclusively for your group on a chargeable basis.

Other interesting activities include video games and interesting board games like carom, chess, scrabble, ludo and uno - a separate room is allotted for board games.
If you are the one for outdoor activities, we have a cricket kit that’s waiting for you. At times, informal matches are organized between the staff and our guests. Cycles are also made available for you from private agents from whom they can be hired.

An active travel desk can do all your ticketing and booking arrangements – from organizing road transport like vans, cars or buses to organizing inter city air and train tickets. An internet café is available 7 kms from the resort for your browsing and mailing requirements.

Other amenities include a discotheque that is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and a tuck shop that is open between 9 am and 7 pm and sells provisions and gift items as well. For more elaborate shopping, you could visit the main market place that is 7 kms away and is open till around 9-10 pm.

For bibliophiles, an in-house library has a collection of your favourite books and novels, besides a small stock of books for kids. There is also a tennis court that provides ample outdoor space. The conference room and coffee shop also provide adequate space in case of an occasion like a party or a wedding.

Business Amenities

If you are at Lakeview for business reasons, the 50’ x 50’ carpeted hall provides the perfect setting for work. It is big enough to seat up to 300 people in theatre-style. If you need an LCD projector, a laptop or a lapel mike/collar mike, you could notify us in advance and we will ensure that they are hired from Madurai and are at your disposal. We have a 250 watts sound system withy four speakers that can adequately take care of the audio requirements. On the visual side, a 6’ x 6’ projection screen is available for screening video or for your presentations.


A Club offers hours of unwinding pleasures, with board games, badminton, tennis, cricket and cycling facilities – take your pick.


How much space would it take to pack in the best cuisines from far and wide? Valley View answers that question with a 2500 sq. ft. restaurant that is located in the main building, with a capacity of 42 covers and a view of a hillock that can make one have his fill just by looking out. However, you would do well to focus on the food as you are sure to be pampered by authentic multi cuisine servings that ranges from Indian to continental, Chinese, South Indian and Tandoor. Some of the local dishes that are prepared by the chef are karikuddai chicken, nellai chicken , koli varathai curry, appam, paniyaaram and iddiappam. If your choice is Jain or Vegan cuisine, do let us know in advance. Our chef would be delighted to provide you with your choice of fare. Room service is available between 7 am and 10.30 pm for all dishes found in the menu.


If you are an adventure seeker, be prepared to explore the dark insides of the forests at Kodai even as you find yourself sharing space with wildlife like bison and deer. You could also visit the Berijam Lake that is the embodiment of calm. You could also embark on a one day tour to Madurai to see the Meenakshi temple, an architectural wonder that has put Madurai on the global map.

Whatever be the age groups, whoever be the guest, Valley View offers the perfect entertainment for everyone. Trekking, Boating, Picnics, Sight Seeing, indoor and out door tournaments, contests – a wide range of activities are organized that transform the resort into a cauldron of competitive games that pack in fun and excitement all the way. Disco, Bonfires and party games are the highlights of the resort and needless to say, are a big hit with the guests.

Religious Places

The nearest religious places and their distance from the Sterling Lakeview resort are mentioned below. The best mode of transport to these places would be by car/ mini van/ bus.

Madurai 120kms
Palani 65kms
Velankanni 360kms (by road via Trichy, Tanjore)
Rameswaram 300kms (by Madurai via Ramanathapuram)

Season :

The best season to visit Sterling Lakeview is between April and June. However, if you wish to get a taste of the delicious, icy-cold winter, you could visit during the months of December and January.

How to reach Kodaikanal ?

Airport: The nearest airport is in Madurai, 125 kms from Kodai. The Coimbatore airport, 180 kms from Kodai, is an international airport base. The best mode of transport to these airports is by car/bus/mini van.

Railway Stations
: The nearest railway station from Sterling Lakeview is Kodai Road, 85 kms away. The Madurai junction is around 120 kms away.

Bus Stations : The Kodai bus station is a central one that is connected to all major towns and cities. It is located just 2.5 kms from the resort.