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Pink Pearl Hotel ( Fun City )
(A unit of Chokhi Dhani Resort, Jaipur )
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
[ The only 5 Star ethnic village resort in India ]

Pink Pearl Hotel Fun City, Jaipur , Rajasthan, India
Pink Pearl Fun city, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Pink Pearl – The oysteric landscape & the jovial aroma of the Fun park blends so nicely with the hospitality & services provided, the Pink Pearl Hotel begins to symbolize the cloudy comfort in the island of joy.

Personalization & perfection at its best, the hotel boasts of a real life heavenly experience - relaxed environment, multi-cuisine facilities, dancing zones, bars, discotheques – all splushed musically within the green locales.

Aided by the Fun City activators – the Go Karting, Water games, Adventure Themes – what seems to be a holiday turns into a rich experience of bonding with the nature & self.
Residing in the Pink City, the Pink Pearl Hotel is a beauty in itself. With glorified, comfortable, well ignited rooms; central air conditioning; para-modern amenities; provision of facilities like 24-hours room service, Laundry, Money exchange, Travel Desk, Doctor-on-call – every care is taken that every visitor, whether a family member, a business associate or a tourist or holiday seeker get a memorable stay. The plush greenery helps relax one & all.

The food menu served in our restaurants – Egyptian & the Gothic – includes wide aura of choice from multi-exotic & Indian variety. The Arabian touch to one of the restaurant’s service glows even further with provision of Arabian hookahs & the smoke blown up by the dancing belly queens.

The Bar, Discotheques with their special effects promises to charge up the scene in Pink Pearl Hotel & the Fun city in general.

The Hotel also has its own Conference Hall & Business Centre, thus making it even apt for businessmen & corporates to plan out their get -together & meetings there. With Fun Park in the backdrop, the state of business affairs get a remarkable environment. Aided by the Coffee shop within the hotel premises, the aim of serving every strata of need is well taken care of.


Amid greenery of no measure and all sources of amusement and entertainment whether it is the train ride or the Columbus or Go-Karting; children, parents and grand parents, there is a piece of fun for everyone. Who wants to go away from an all encompassing place such as Pink Pearl? No one.

Pink Pearl Hotel Fun City, Jaipur , Rajasthan, India
Pink Pearl Fun city, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

For the enthusiastic visitors of Pink Pearl, the fun city has 33 well furnished rooms in its Main building offering its visitors a very comfortable stay where they can rest after a day full of pleasure.

Above the rooms there are restaurants which offer a variety of food. To cater to the needs of its visitors there is a warm and caring full time room service, which will give you personalized attention. Making your stay a memorable holiday.


EGYPTIAN RESTAURANT : If you want to experience being a KING….drink Wine, Savour delicious kebabs, watch scintillating danseuse shake their bellies to the tune of the harp, drums and the clarinet; and be in the majestic grandeur of a Pharoah- the Egyptian King. If yes then the Sphinx, the EGYPTIAN RESTAURANT at Pink Pearl is the best place to be at, in the cool breezy evenings of the Pink city oozing all your stress. One feels elevated on the seventh heaven being on the roof top restaurant.
Adding to this luxury is the aromatic and herbal hookah, Sheesha. In the fragrance of the Sheesha, all our senses are aroused to unfathomed heights and to the extent to attain a tranquil state, a state of peace and calmness away from the worries of the world. The splendid view of flora and fauna of the resort from the top is definitely a treat to the eyes of any visitor. A range of delicacies from the irresistible and savory Lebanese and Arabic cuisines are to savor your taste buds.

Pink Pearl Hotel Fun City, Jaipur , Rajasthan, India
Pink Pearl Fun city, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

GOTHIC RESTAURANT : If you don’t have a taste for the Lebanese or Arabic food, then you can treat yourself with the rich Continental and Mughlai cuisines at the GOTHIC RESTAURANT. Invoking the spirit of the dead Gothic era, the mystic and diverse ambience invigorates all food lovers. The lavish decorations and vitality of the Gothic period is not limited to the restaurant space but extends to its food. Bringing together two completely different tastes on same platter is a rare phenomenon, especially distinct tastes such as Continental and Mughlai. But Pink Pearl serves its guests with the rarest and the best combinations. French and Italian highlights of the Continental, and naan and curries of the Mughlai together symbolize the ambivalent relationship of lightness and soaring spaces of the Gothic era. Whether it is Lebanese Samkah Harrah, or it is Egyptian Umm ali (raisin cake soaked in milk) or Italian Pasta or it is the rich butter chicken …. you can have all that suits to your taste, a feast that you will relish always.

Bar and Discotheque

Rock n Roll Soniye…ab tu bhi to mere sang doolllll!!!

If you desire to emit waves of energy with dynamic moves, rocking and rolling to terrific music then Radiation is the best hang out place. Move out of your comfort zones and sleeps to lose your control in the happening and jiving atmosphere of RADIATION. On the inviting floor that vibrates of music and special effects, flickering lights of all colours and drinks at its bar counter provoke to unleash yourself in the spirit of Radiation because it takes you to a level of fantasy.

This fantastic world of drinks, food, dance and music offers an ecstatic experience to people of all ages. It welcomes all to rediscover their spirits, a rejuvenated life.

Pink Pearl Hotel Fun City, Jaipur , Rajasthan, India
Pink Pearl Fun city, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Coffee Shop

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.
We all share this idea; friends, relatives and couples have all spent their leisure time fruitfully at coffee shops, meeting for the first time, or meeting again or just chatting over a cup of coffee is a phenomenon we all have grown up with.
The aroma of coffee beans is strong and enticing to travel huge chunks of land then it will be no challenge for coffee to reach the senses of the guests visiting Pink Pearl.
Located in one of the most privileged sections of the resort, amid a well fabricated Greenland with a picturesque view the Coffee Shop is a good place to spend one’s mornings and also in the red hue of setting sun in the evenings. In company of beautiful landscape and aroma of coffee, a morning or an evening at Pink Pearl is no less than a heavenly experience.

Conference Hall

India is increasingly becoming a site for foreign investment and hence a flourishing economy is awaiting India’s future. With a boom in Indian business, the work load too is growing. A business meeting could be either in an office conference hall or in a different location breaking the monotony and building a scope for a healthy change. The Pink Pearl is one such great destination for the corporate sectors to organize their conferences that will enhance the work quality because work is merged here with a tinge of fun with the FunCity in the backdrop. Offering a remarkable environment for the state of business affairs…so plan out your next business meeting at Pink Pearl.

Amusement Park

Amusement Games: Fun City is a format for family and community entertainment catering to multiple likes and dislikes set up by the famous Choki Dhani chain. The most attractive division in the Fun City is its collection of amusement games. A versatile environment adapting to all tastes with almost all facilities to cater to needs of its visitors. A ride either on the Dragon Coaster or Merry Columbus or spinning around in the Tora Tora, a joyous ride on either of these will give a slight kick to recharge your spirit. One game on the pool table or at Fantasy, centre for video machines is enough to mentally activate any visitor. Car freaks can try their hands on remote control cars, racing or just zooming in the magical remote control cars is a thrilling experience, especially for the youth. Amidst the heat of an energetic experience there is coldness of snow, one can play with snowballs or make a snowman, a true winter experience at the Pink Pearl. Also, one can relive their experience at Fun City with a grand finale i.e. a ride on Park Family Train.

Pink Pearl Hotel Fun City, Jaipur , Rajasthan, India
Pink Pearl Fun city, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Adventure Sports: Ali Baba’s treasure or Aladdin’s lamp, let us see what you find in the depths of Treasure Island? Discover and uncover the treasures of the Treasure Island at Pink Pearl. Oscillating in between earth and sky is a different experience that is a combination of fear and thrill. To experience this ironical state is to jump from a height of 22 feet in the game Bungee Jumping. Go go go….Go-Karting in a Go-Kart, racing with the imported equipments is definitely a good replacement to the Formula One racing. For Derby enthusiasts, Kentucky Derby is a good deal. A spirit of an adventurous person is kept alive and so in the end a shot of the laser guns is sufficient to satisfy the hunger for adventure at the Adventure Planet with many laser games.

Pink Pearl Hotel Fun City, Jaipur , Rajasthan, India
Pink Pearl Fun city, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Aquatic Games: To experience more than an oasis in the heart of a Desert; splashing, swimming, aquadisco, violent waves, myriad and refreshing experience in water then come to the Aqua/water world of Pink Pearl. The thrill of zooming down from majestic high tubes as high as 45 to 60 feet, or of discovering the surprise in 120 m flaring Dragon’s stomach. To experience Kovalam beach at Rajasthan is to be in the Wave pool where the splashing waves wet one in minutes. For the tiny toddlers there are Bumber Boats and a kiddie pool, where they can play and have lots of fun. Drenched completely yet dancing to various rhythms is the uniqueness of the Aquadisco, beating to the beats from all parts of the world is the spirit of this Disco which is India’s first water Disco. This water park is an all encompassing surprise package for water lovers and non-lovers.

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