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Monolith Resorts
22 Kms from Nainital
Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India

Monolith Resorts, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India
Monolith Resort, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India

Location : 300 Km from Delhi, Bhimtal to Nainital 22 Km, Kathgodam to Bhimtal, 23 Km, Almora to Bhimtal 65 Km, Corbett to Bhimtal 100 Km, Mukteshwar to Bhimtal 45 Km.

The resort is situated 300 Kms from Delhi in the lush green surroundings and simmering waters of the Lake. Bhimtal is one of the biggest Lakes of Kumaon named after legendary Pandava Prince Bhim and Lord Shiva. The resort has exclusive cottages with all the modern amenties.

MONOLITH RESORTS where Bollywood starts Hritik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Mukesh rishi, Prem Chopra, Rajiv Verms, Anjana Mumtaz Beena Mukherjee, Karishma Kapoor, Sunil Shetty, Dino Mareo and Preeti Jhingiyani had a nice and comfortable stay during the film shotting of "Koi Mil Gaya" and Baaz - A bird in danger, produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan and Teenu Verma in the month of March 2002 and October 2003 respectively.

MONOLITH RESORTS has been honoured with Indian Architecture Award for the year 2001

Monolith Resorts, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India
Monolith Resort, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India

A vacation... you want to spend in a serene environment where everything you want is available.. either a trek or a golf shot, traditional Indian food or continental.. swim in the lake, angling or the luxury of barbecue beside a swimming pool... Monolith has it all!!.

A true blend of modernity and tradition... which is also reflected by its architecture. Situated in the banks of lake Bhimtal it is an ideal place for a perfect getaway.

Delhi - Bhimtal 300 KM
Nainital - Bhimtal 22KM
Kathgodam - Bhimtal 23 KM
Mukteshwar - Bhimtal 45 KM
Corbett National Park - Bhimtal 100 KM
Almora - Bhimtal 65 KM

Monolith Resorts, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India
Monolith Resort, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India

At Monolith the space has been created for you to feel perfectly at home amidst luxury. The resort offers Ten (10) independent cottages with different themes and designs. Also available are Three (3) Deluxe Cottages with open balconies providing a superb view of the area around. For the adventurer in you, we also have Three (3) Swiss Cottage Tents.

Monolith Resorts, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India
Monolith Resort, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India

We encourage you to take a look around and learn more about one of the most unique group recreation and conference settings anywhere in India amidst a setting not available elsewhere. When you plan your stay through our office, you get our commitment of highest degree of professional service. We will make your job of banquet, meeting and retreat planning as easy as possible.

Monolith Resorts, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India
Monolith Resort, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India

As experts in carefully detailing arrangements, we will use our creativity and knowledge to ensure the total success of your event.

  • Luxury Cottages
  • Multicuisine dining
  • Swimming pool
  • Barbecue
  • Coffee Shop
  • Multi Channel Televiewing
  • Kids Playground
  • Amphitheatre
  • Conference
  • Croquet
  • Pool Table
  • Library
  • Nature Walks
  • Bird Watching
  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Boating

On Request

  • Sailing
  • Golf
  • Paragliding


Four types of luxury cottages with four different colour themes each with a one bedroom, a sitting room and a balcony with a view.


A vacation far from the maddening crowd yet so close to Delhi. A place which is surrounded by hills and overlooks a lake...a true blend of modernity and tradition A yet another warm welcome to Monolith Resorts! Situated on the banks of Lake Bhimtal it is a perfect getaway. If you are lucky you canal so catch your favorite Bollywood stars shooting here.

Monolith Resorts, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India
Monolith Resort, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India

We offer a series of activities for our guests including : Trekking, Golf, Jungle Safaris, Swimming Pool . Pool Table . Table Tennis . Badminton . Croquet . Amphitheater . Card Table . Chess Table . Library . Boat Trips . Carrom . Angling . Paragliding (on request) . Nature Walks . Bird Watching . Sailing (on request).

Monolith Resorts, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India
Monolith Resort, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, India

Places to visit around Bhimtal

Sat Tal : Originally a cluster of seven lakes, now reduced to five (since two have dried up), Sat Tal (21 km from Nainital) has all it takes to veil the place in a kind of mystique-densely wooded hills, roads that glide under a canopy of gossamer green oak trees, pines and dark brooding firs, little creeks along the shores of the lakes and boat rides on the placid waters.

Naukutchia Tal : 24 km from Nainital, it is the deepest and by far the most picturesque lake in the Kumaon region and derives its name from the nine corners which came together to form it. It is a tranquil, pleasant expanse of water, reflected green by the low, wooded hills cradling it and surrounded by 70 acres of predominantly oak forests which, after the monsoons, show the innumerable hues of the Himalayan forest.

Ramgarh : 25 kms from Nainital, it is a picturesque hamlet in the heart of orchard land in the foothills of the Himalayas. Many writers and thinkers have been drawn to the beauty of Ramgarh and it is an ideal place for long walks, to let your creative juices flow or just unwind or introspect.

Mukteshwar : 45 kms from Nainital, at 8000 ft, this is an idyllic sojourn in the lap of the mountains and rolling meadows. Surrounded by fruit orchards and thick coniferous forest it provides a majestic view of the Himalayas. It is popular for the century old Shiva Temple, Chauthijalli rock formations, Angora wool sheep farm, rejuvenating forest walks and enchanting sunsets.

Nainital : 23 km from Bhimtal, this is the place for a quiet holiday. Nainital is a glittering jewel in the Himalayan necklace, blessed with scenic natural spledour and varied natural resources. Dotted with lakes, Nainital has earned the epithet of 'Lake District' of India. The most prominent of the lakes is Naini lake ringed by hills. Nainital's unending expense of scenic beauty is nothing short of a romance with awe-inspiring and pristine Mother Nature.

Snow View : The Snow view point located at height of 2270 meter on the Sher-ka-Danda hill is the most easily accessible, if not on foot then via the cable car that skims its surface and whisks you away merrily to the top. Once there you can only gaze in wonder at the glittering panorama of Himalayan snows spanning the distant horizon. ·

Naina Peak : Known as the China peak at 8,568 feet is the highest point in Nainital. It commands a superb view of the Himalayas and an intriguing bird's-eye view of Nainital. One can walk or take ponies to the peak. ·

Kilburi : Kilburi is slightly away from Nainital, about 12 kms from the main town. Located amidst green forests, it is peaceful and quiet and offers a very good view of the Himalayas.·

Tiffin Top (Dorothy's Seat, 2292 mtrs) : A memorial to an English lady believed to have been killed in an air crash. The spot commands a sectional view of the town and the nearby region. The peak was known as Ayarpatta Hill. Ayarpatta Hill is a haven of trees-oak, fir, deodar, pine and rhododendron. Some of the roads are narrow and still paved with brick. On this hill stands Gurney House, home of the great Jim Corbett, the fearless famous hunter, conservationist and writer to remember. The house was named after Corbett's father. It is now a museum of Corbett memorabilia.·

Hanuman Garhi : Situated at a height of 1951 meters, with its famous temple, this place is reputed for its glorious sunsets. A very beautiful Hanuman mandir is at the top. Near the temple stands the Uttar Pradesh Government observatory and the Satellite Tracking Center.·

Observatory : The clear skies over Nainital prompted the government to setup an observatory here. The observatory has one of the most advance telescopes in India. With the help of this telescope the movement of stars, planets and other heavenly bodies can be calculated to great precision.·

Naina Devi Temple : The attractive lake of Nainital is said to be the eyes of Sati, wife of Lord Shiva. Sati jumped into the sacrificial bonfire. Lord Shiva to mourn the death of his beloved wife carried the body across the country. The remains of her body fell at various places which today are sacred worship places for the Hindus.·

High Altitude Zoo : Naini Tal has a small but a very beautiful Zoological garden. There are many animals kept here which includes Deers, Bears, Tigers and many more.

St. John's Church : This church was built in 1847. A brass memorial is kept in memory of the persons who were buried in the infamous landslide.

Horse riding : Any visitor coming to Nainital cannot miss the joy of riding a horse on the Mall. Not only at the Mall but to reach the Snow View Point, Tiffin Top, Kilburi from the Mallital area one can hire ponies and horses

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