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Jim Corbett National Park
(Uttaranchal, India)



Ramnagar to Corbett : 19 kms
Nainital to Corbett : 110 kms
Ranikhet to Corbett : 114 kms
Pantnagar to Corbett : 133 kms
Delhi to Corbett : 290 kms


The Corbett Tiger reserve has quite a history. It is India's First National Park and one of the finest, notable for its individualistic scenic charm and magnificent submontane and riverine vistas, and also for its richly varied wildlife, still interestingly in the process of change, and the site of the launching of project Tiger.

Early this century its exceptional potential as a wildlife reserve was recognized and there were moves to have it officially declared a sanctuary, liberating it from the exploitation of its tree forests and human occupation of the riverside land. Finally, in 1936 it was set up as the first authentic national park of the country under the United Provinces National Parks Act.


Corbett is a haven for Tigers as well as its prey, which include four kinds of Deer, Wild Boar and some lesser-known animals. Leopards are mostly found in the hilly areas of the park. Some nocturnal cats found here are the Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat and Fishing Cat. Sloth Bear is found in the lower regions of the park while the Himalayan Black Bear is seen in the higher hills only. The Dole or Wild Dog, though they can be seen in the southern areas of the park along with the Jackal etc.

Ramnagar : Situated in the rich farm belt of Terai, on the southeastern fringes of the great forests, the busy market town of Ramnagar is the main administrative centre for Corbett National Park and Project Tiger.

Wildlife Viewing : Chital, Sambar, and various other Deer species find refuge in the Savannah grasslands known as the Maidan, behind the campsite to the south, and Tigers are occasionally drawn in looking for prey. Two hour elephant rides, explore this sea of grass, rarely penetrating far into the deep jungles beyond; try to convince your Mahout or Elephant driver to venture in, as they can be quite magical.

Corbett Wildlife Safari : Jeep Safari, is the most convenient way to travel within Corbett national park. Well, it's the most secure way if you don't want to get scared when you hear the growl of a Lion or Tiger! More of all jeep is the best way to get the inside look of the forest and its topography. You can enjoy the jeep safari tours available in the Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal. A riding elephant enables one to go right into the forest or along the watercourses, and also provides an elevation from which a good all round view for a considerable distance can be had.

The fewer there are with one on elephant back, the better - for any serious observation or photography; it is best to have only the Mahout with one. The Elephant riding of the reserve is all seasoned and well-trained animals, but still they are Elephants and cannot help their gait. The riders atop the great beast get a slight to and from shake and also a side-to-side shake with each step the elephant takes. Sit easy and relaxed and one can actually enjoy a long elephant back ride.


|| BY AIR ||

The nearest airport is situated at Pantnagar, 80-km southeast.

|| BY RAIL ||

Ramnagar is the nearesret Railway Station for Corbett National Park.

|| BY ROAD ||

Approx 300 Kms


Winter from November to February, summer from March to June, and the rainy season from July to late October. Winter nights are very cold, and there is frost and a freezing log in the low-lying areas. June is the hottest month and is summer the day temperature may go as high as 44°C, but the night's average only 22°C. In Summer, pre-Monsoon storms and hailstorms are not uncommon, but seldom severe.


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