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Coconut Lagoon
[ Casino Group of Hotels ]
Kumarakom , Kerala, India
Coconut Lagoon - Casino Group of Hotels , Kumarakom, Kerala, India
Coconut Lagoon - Casino Group of Hotels, Kumarakom, Kerala, India

DISTANCES: Coconut lagoon is not accessible by road. 10 Km from Kottayam to Kavaratikara boat landing by road, 10 minute boat ride to Coconut Lagoon. 45 kms from Cochin to Puthenangadi boat landing, 25 minute boat ride to Coconut Lagoon.

NEAREST AIRPORT: 95 km from Cochin international airport

Authenticity. What is it but the truth, offered without any trace of embellishment? It requires the confident belief that reality is enchanting enough. That the magic lies in what you already have, not in any frills and fancies you might add to it. By this definition, Coconut Lagoon an authentic experience of Kerala and its backwaters. A celebration, if you will, of a land in union with its own soul.

Coconut Lagoon - Casino Group of Hotels , Kumarakom, Kerala, India
Coconut Lagoon - Casino Group of Hotels , Kumarakom, Kerala, India

Coconut Lagoon is our attempt to capture the essence of the Kerala experience and then offer it in a unique setting. Nothing has been added that does not already belong. And if the comforts of life enter (as they must), they do so in a way that leaves the harmony around them undisturbed. We like to believe that this is the reason why Condé Nast Traveller rated Coconut Lagoon among the 25 best getaways in the world.

Do you have a moment? Then come with us. Lie in a hammock on this lakeshore, and allow your senses to possess you.

Before you is the great Vembanad lake, rippling under the vault of an impossibly large sky. Sunlight sparkles on her waters, tearing the reflection of a passing houseboat into crystal shards. Darter birds go about their fishy business. Your nostrils fill with scent- laden ozone.

Coconut Lagoon - Casino Group of Hotels , Kumarakom, Kerala, India
Coconut Lagoon - Casino Group of Hotels , Kumarakom, Kerala, India

Peace? Of course there is peace here, but not silence. Silence is not nature's way. And the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary next door is full of raucous neighbours. You sway a little, and the image changes.

To a timber and tile mansion that seems to belong to this earth, but to another time. If you left the comfort of your hammock for a closer look, you'd see that it is an authentic reconstruction. Some of its timbers are 200 years old. They were moved here piece by piece, a legacy of the tharavads of old Kerala.

Notice the brass detail on the doors? The fretted woodwork on the verandah ceilings? This is the finesse of another age, brought back to life by the masters of a dying art. It shall be your home tonight.

Coconut Lagoon - Casino Group of Hotels , Kumarakom, Kerala, India
Coconut Lagoon - Casino Group of Hotels , Kumarakom, Kerala, India

The Liquid Highway "The journey is the reward', goes the old chinese saying. (Perhaps they picked it up from Kerala, in exchange for the famous fishing nets?). And coming to Coconut Lagoon is an experience far removed from the airport coach transfer.

The resort is reachable only over the water. It nestles along one shore of the Vembanad lake, a 175 square km. expanse stretching between the backwaters of Kerala and the sea. Perhaps, if you are lucky, you'll arrive at dusk. When reds and golds and purples colour the sleepy waters and the only sounds are of gently lapping waves, mingled with your own rising breath. Lazily, the red roofs of Coconut Lagoon emerge from the palm shadows and, going a little way up a river mouth, you make a sharp turn that brings you right into our reception.

Accommodations and Enchantments.

The reception area too, like the homes we mentioned earlier, is a living piece of Kerala history. It dates from 1860, the four-cornered open courtyard design an echo of times past. The entire mansion was painstakingly transplanted from the nearby village of Vaikom in 1993. Relax on the wooden swing before you check in, or wander about, sipping on a fresh coconut and soaking in the atmosphere.

You can choose from three kinds of accommodation at Coconut lagoon.The Heritage Bungalows are compact independent cottages, set in lush lawns along the canals. The Heritage Mansions are larger, with an upper story defined by distinctive wooden ribs that resemble the sides of a boat. Most of these afford fine views of the lake.

Beyond, on their own quiet section of lake front, are the Pool Villas. Peace and privacy combine here, with private pools, distinctive interiors and even your own little hammock, tied up front

Take a closer look at any of the accommodations, and you'll see the minute architectural details that make each of them distinctive. A trellis pattern here, a row of tiny brass knobs there, a rampant diety on a 200 year old columnno two houses are exactly the same. Of course, these old-world touches betray little of the conveniences that are found within. Air-conditioning, telephones, hot and cold waterall the comforts of a modern resort are yours to relish.

With one exception-television. Noisy channel surfing and nature just don't belong together, as you'll soon discover. (However, for die-hard CNN addicts, there is a set in the recreation room. May we impose on you to keep the volume low?). We cannot pass on without mentioning the bathrooms. This crucial aspect of hotel living has been given a fresh twist at Coconut Lagoon. The bathrooms are open-roofed, echoing the outdoor facilities of traditional Kerala, but of course, incorporating every mod con. So you can shower under the sheltering sky, yet in complete privacy.

Ayurveda: Wellness Within and Without. Coconut Lagoon includes a holiday for the inner you. Ayurveda , the ancient Indian science of health and longevity, deals with the well-being of the spirit, as well as the body and mind.


ACCOMMODATION : Heritage bunglows Heritage mansions Private pool villa

RESTAURANTS : Multi cuisine restaurant (Buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner) Theyam - Bar

FACILITIES : Swimming pool, Ayurveda centre,recreation centre Regular doctors on call

THINGS TO DO: Sunset cruise Back water cruise Visit bird sanctuary Farm visit 'Learn to cook with spices'


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